Saturday, January 1, 2011

Iphone New Year Alarm Bug...

Updated 1/3/2010

Happy New Year Everyone.  New year,  new iPhone bug.

This is not BIG New Year news, but much better than one of the yearly END OF THE WORLD PREDICTIONS being true.

Did you set a one time alarm on your iPhone or iDevice to wake you from your groggy New Year slumber? If so, don't expect to hear it unless you select the "repeat" option for the day you want it to go off. Some media outlets are calling this a HOAX.  I have personally tested the one time alarm function, it did not work.  I tested the work around, it does work.  This applies only to one time alarms, not your reoccurring alarms.  I think that's where the mix up is in calling this a hoax comes from.  It is rumored that this bug will resolve itself on January 3rd, 2011.

Solution:  The work around it to use the "repeat" function for the day you want the alarm to go off. 

Unlike the Daylight Savings Time Bug in iOS 4.1 that struck in November, which set alarms off an hour early around the world, this bug causes your one time alarm to simply not sound at all.

Apple engineers working to confirm which or if all iOS versions are affected. 

Click this LINK to learn more about this current bug.

Click this LINK to learn about the original DST bug. 

Apple is not alone as far as bugs are concerned, Android also starts the New Year dealing with a bug.  The Android bug is far more serious, as it sends SMS messages to the wrong contact or a random number not even in your contacts.  This SMS bug started being reported as early as March of 2010 and is said to affect about 10% of Android based phones, according to a recent reader poll taken by ZDNet.  Google has it's hands full with this one, as Android currently runs on about 170 different models of phones.

Click this LINK to learn more about the Android SMS Bug.

I will update this post when Apple makes a statement or resolves the issue.

And that's how Bruce T does it.

Update 1: Tested the one time alarm function today, 1/3/2011. Works. Strange...Strange bug.

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