Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned!!!  How Bruce T Does it is working hard to bring you more content.

Today I updated my "How Bruce T Does Jailbreak Apps" page, make sure you check it out.  I added YouTube user videos for my favorite tweaks & apps available via Cydia.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter.  My tweets and retweets will keep you posted on all of the latest and greatest things happening in the Jailbreak, iPod, iPad, and Geek World!!!!

I'm currently working on the following articles:

How Bruce T keeps his PC's clean.  This article will save you all time, money, and headaches.  This article  will detail how to clean an infected PC or Laptop, and how to keep it clean, for good.  Check back in a week or so.

How Bruce T does App Store Apps.  This page will detail the apps iTunes App Store apps I use.

Also in the  works, I will be adding my own YouTube reviews and tests of Apps & Tweaks...

Stay tuned, that's how Bruce T does it.

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