Thursday, January 31, 2013 live for Sunday Funday

The most anticipated Jailbreak ever is set to go live this Sunday. @evad3rs are calling it evasi0n.

Point your browser to and see for yourself.

.....if it's back up.

Now you can add yourself to the list of jail breakers obsessed with refreshing the site, helping ad revenue pile up for the team.

Perhaps there has been so much traffic, the server is crashed or the page is being updated for an early Funday as it is not available at the moment.

Updated: 1/31/2013 @ 3:46PM

And it's back.

Stay tuned, this iPhone 5 owners is missing his favorite tweaks!!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

iOS 6.1 Jailbreak, Sunday Funday

The moment most of us iPhone 5 early adopters have been waiting for, SUNDAY FUNDAY...

I'm absolutely pumped as my stock iPhone 5 simply isn't an iPhone without my favorite tweaks....I have even contemplated reverting back to my 4.....

Nostalgic blog flash back, most of which has nothing to do with the upcoming jailbreak:

This Sunday Funday takes me back to the iOS 4.2.1 GreenPois0n RC 5, read about it HERE and HERE.  The Sunday Funday GreenPois0n release was on Super Bowl XLV Sunday, February 6, 2011.  Here in Wisconsin, it was a HUGE DAY with our beloved Green Bay Packers defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.  Read about it HERE.  Southeastern WI had also just dug out of Snowpocalypse 2011, having been pounded by a blizzard that dropped 26.25" of snow in a short amount of time, crippling our EMS services and our city.  Click HERE for first hand footage.

What does this have to do with the upcoming jailbreak you ask?


Here's what we know about Sunday Funday.

Apple made the move that the dev crew, @evad3rs, have been waiting for. This morning, Apple released iOS6.1. @evad3rs??? yes, that's the dev team comprised of some of the most famous names in the game, @planetbeing, @pod2g, @MuscleNerd & @pimskeks.

Be ready and follow these steps:

  • Like I ALWAYS SAY, backup, backup and backup.  Send it to the Cloud or connect your device to your PC or Mac and back that mutha up.  Don't forget to transfer purchases as well.
  • If you are already jailbroken, back your tweaks and Jailbreak apps using a backup utility like PKGbackup, available in Cydia.  It doesn't hurt to email yourself a list of tweaks and jailbreak apps as well from the PKGbackup app.  Click here for more on PKGbackup, and don't be a cheapskate, it's worth the money.
  • When ready, update your device to iOS 6.1 by either RESTORING to the new firmware, or through iTunes.  It is not recommended that you update OTA via the Settings app, you will indeed have problems.  I prefer restoring to new firmware.  Those of you that are currently jailbroken may want to wait until the jailbreak is here.  I'm going to update my iPhone 5 ASAP since it's crappy stock anyway.
  • Now hurry up and wait.

Stay tuned by following @evad3rs and their team on Twitter for the latest.....

I'll be back once I take the plunge, until then, that's how @BruceTdoesIT prepares for Sunday Funday.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Possible iOS 6.0.2 Battery Drain Fix

Did you update to iOS 6.0.2 to fix supposed "wifi issues" only to find your battery life has gone to crap?

Me too!!!  Not only is the iPhone 5 NOT jailbroken yet, the 6.0.2 battery sucks worse than the Mayan's could have predicted.

For those of you that follow my blog, my iPhone 5 and I didn't start out on the right foot, with a bad wifi chipset right out of the box.  Thanks to AppleCare+, I had a fresh unit in 24hrs time....Again, that's what I get for going against my code: Wait for bugs and a Jailbreak before upgrading....Yeah, I miss my JB tweaks big time and there are days I wish I would have just stuck with my iPhone 4......but it was time for change and made good fodder for my blog....

Back to the battery issue.......

I experienced major drain after the update to 6.0.2.  I searched and searched for a solution to no avail.  After going tens of Google search pages deep, I found this article......, CLICK HERE.

So I tried it and it appears to have improved my battery life.  I use my bluetooth headset or my JamBox while streaming audio my entire workday, literally.  I usually have to plug the 5 back in after lunch.  If anything, after trying this potential fix, my standby time now makes it through the night and the battery seems to perform as well as it did originally, having added an hour to my usage.  Remember, that's constant audio streaming over wifi and LTE using bluetooth.

Here's what you do:

1. Kill all background apps using the app switcher.  Double tap the home button and tap the 'x' on the app icons as they appear at the bottom of the screen.

2.  Go to the Settings App, --> General, --> Reset-->Reset All Settings.  This will not delete your data, it resets all network and iOS settings.  You will end up signing back into things and turning locations services back on, etc..... Sort of a pain, but I feel it was worth the try.

3.  The iPhone reboots.  For good measure, I completely turned off the phone by holding the sleep button and powering down. I turned it back on and let it charge completely.

I can verify now, that my iPhone 5 on iOS 6.0.2 charges faster and the standby time is back up to par, only losing a small percentage through the night.

Here are my screen shots.  These were taken at exactly 14% battery remaining.  The conditions for both screen shots were the same, bluetooth headset connected, streaming iHeart and TuneIn Radio.



Again, not sure how or why this worked, but in my opinion, it DID.  My standby time is great and I picked up and extra hour of streaming with my bluetooth headset.  These screenshots do not reflect normal standby, as I was purposely streaming and using my bluetooth to drain the battery to 14% to test this fix.

If your battery life sucks, give it a try, if you don't mind having to enter your network passwords and the such.  Credit goes to the original poster in the Apple forums.

That's how Bruce T fixes iOS 6.0.2 battery drain.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow @BruceTdoesIT on Twitter for up to date Tweets on all things IBA----Intellectually Bad Ass.