Friday, December 31, 2010

How Bruce T Does his New Year, 2011

Another year has all but come and gone.  Every year I say: "wow, that went fast."  How true.  It's those key memories and dates that create the benchmarks for each given year.  For example, my daughter will be twelve next month and my son will be nine in February.  As for myself, I will hit 36 in February.  And EVERYTHING seems like it just happened yesterday.  Just yesterday, my daughter was 4.2 pounds when she came home with her proud parents.  Just yesterday, my son started kindergarten, now he's in the middle of third grade.  Just yesterday me and my friends were the coolest kids at our High School.  December 29th marked the second year of my brother's untimely passing into eternal life. Seems like just yesterday our family gathered in Northern Wisconsin to say our last goodbyes.  With time, you have to take the good with the bad. 

Just yesterday my cousin left the corporate world to embark on a life long dream of proudly serving our country.  As of right now, his basic training has been over for a year, his advanced training completed, and he is now proudly serving our Nation in Afghanistan.  In about an hour, his New Year will begin.  And so will the next chapter of his life, as well as our own lives.

In time, whatever pains us will begin to heal.  In time, all of the amazing experiences we share with our friends, significant others, children, and our families will have been so long ago---yet will always feel like "just yesterday."

As we all embark into 2011, take the time to look at your old pictures and videos.  Maybe call a loved one or a friend you haven't spoke to in a long time, you will inevitably comment on how fast time has gone since your last conversation.

Most importantly on this New Year's Eve, take time to let the people you love KNOW IT.  Take a moment to appreciate life, the things you have, forget what you have not, cherish the memory of those who have passed before us and create new memories with those that are still with us.

Time never stops, can't be rewound, and seems to only speed up...... "Just yesterday", it was 2010

Happy New Year everyone, may 2011 be better than any year before. 

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