Sunday, February 6, 2011

Greenpois0n RC5 for Windows is Live!!

Greenpois0n RC5 Untethered 4.2.1 Jailbreak for Windows went live early this morning. This has been a long awaited Jailbreak. I'm currently on the road without my laptop and will not be testing this Jailbreak until later this evening.  

We are on my birthday getaway this weekend and I was not allowed to bring any technology other than my iPhone. In fact I am currently dictating this blog post with the handy iPhone app Dragon Dictation. It's speech to text recognition is awesome!! Free in the iTunes App Store.

I will run this Jailbreak later this evening. If you get a successful Jailbreak, please post comments about your experience.

Get it at or search Google for mirrors, the servers will be jammed with traffic.

Before you upgrade your firmware and Jailbreak, be sure to:

1. Backup your apps from Cydia using PKGBackup.(or APT Backup)
2. Create a free DropBox account to use with PKGBackup.
3. Run PKGBack up using both the option to save in contacts and to save in DropBox.
4. Transfer purchases and backup your iDevice in iTunes.

If you are already jailbroken using the tethered Redsn0w 0.9.6, you can run Greenpois0n over the top of it. DO NOT reinstall Cydia when completed.

Let me know how you do, and as always, thanks for reading. I will update this post this evening when I get a chance to run Greenpois0n.

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