Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pt 2: iPhone Voice Commands, Notifications, Voice to Text/Text To Voice

Hello everyone. Today's post is second in a three part series focusing on iDevice Voice features. This week, Bruce T shows you how to add Voice Notifications (jailbreak req'd) and Voice to Text (no jailbreak req'd) features to your iDevice.

First up, Voice Notifications.  Envious of your friend's phone that says who is calling or who the incoming text message is from? Tired of fumbling for your phone when you are on the go? Looking to improve your hands free iPhone experience? If so, then this Jailbreak tweak is for you.  This tweak requires a Jailbroken iDevice.

If you are Jailbroken, launch Cydia and search for "Voice Notifications", authored by InfectionsFX. This tweak is only $0.99 and is well worth it.  This tweak will add voice notifications for incoming text messages, voice calls, and Push notifications.  Here are the details, as well as InfectionsFX demo video.  I hope you enjoy this tweak.

 After you check this out, keep reading below for Voice to Text


Now on to one of my favorites, voice to text, no Jailbreak required.  APP Store app, Dragon Dictation for iOS.  Click HERE for a direct link to more information.  ---and it's Bruce T's favorite price, FREE.

Download and install Dragon Dictation from the iTunes App Store.

Here's our brief video, I hope you enjoy it.  

And that's how Bruce T does Voice Notifications & Speech to Text.

Stay tuned next week for the final chapter in our Voice App & Tweak series when we will show you TEXT TO VOICE tweaks.

This week's video was completed using Veency from Cydia, Tight VNC viewer for PC, and CamStudio.

Veency is available on your  Jailbroken phone, download via Cydia app.

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