Sunday, December 18, 2011

One man and his sign.

Weeks ago, I made a couple signs supporting Governor Walker here in Wisconsin. My aim was to eventually counter protest a recall petition spot here in Kenosha--at a moments notice. I finally had my window of opportunity. Yesterday, my plan was set into motion.  I asked my children if they wanted to join, my daughter said "I'll stay here where it's safe, don't get arrested." She was uneasy after the watching the behavior of the anti Walker mob on local news throughout the year.  I said I would be back in about an hour.

I parked my truck by a gas station on 38th and 60th and posted my intentions on my Facebook page.  A few friends also re-posted and urged their friends to come out in support.

With sign in hand, I walked up the the recall petition signing. The attendant had a little "Recall Walker" sign, and appeared jovial to see a supporter arrive, until I produced my sign......

Her attitude went south from there... "You must be rich" the woman said. I laughed and continued on the sidewalk while her crew of about five or so stood there in disbelief.  They made some comments, I blocked them out, focused on finding some supporters at the stop light. A couple of  the "recall workers" got out their phones and started taking snap shots and possibly video, I presume in hopes that I would do something they could cry about.... 

I manned the corners of the intersection of 39th Avenue and 60th Street, urging supporters to honk their horns when they gave me the thumbs up.  I was proudly standing up for the Wisconsin taxpayers and Governor Walker.  More importantly, I was standing up for something I believe in, a fiscally responsible state that betters the future of my children and generations after.  Something the Democratic Party and Public Unions here in this state don't wan't to happen.

These recall volunteers where clearly distressed and angry that I showed up, they had no idea what just hit them, they have been around town unopposed, until now.  My first words to them when I walked up where "I support your right to be here, now you can support mine."  Game on.  

I crossed the street, holding my sign, as motorist read it, most of them gave me thumbs up.  I would then shout "yeah, there's one", pump my fist in the air, and urge the supporter to beep their horn. Well, it didn't take long, Kenosha Police showed up within my first ten minutes.  I assume the recall group called, he wasn't patrolling the area and was very specific "you are free to walk around with your sign, but you have to stop urging people to beep their horns and taking your time walking in the cross walk...."   I don't think the rookie officer even knew what he COULD say or do about my presence.. I am a respectful person, but I laughed "is that all you got?", I couldn't help it--I walked away and continued on.  I think he was as shocked by my presence as the recall nuts were.

Needless to say,  I have no control over people honking horns.....I said "whatever officer, have a great day" and continued.  The cop hung out for a moment, a few more squads drove through the area shortly one really hassled me.  In fact I only rec'd one middle finger and one "F#ck Walker" yell.

I didn't say much to the volunteers at the recall spot, but they had plenty to say to me.  I think they were disappointed that there wasn't a steady stream of cars pulling in and I was getting quite a bit of attention.  At one point, one of them threatened to call the police again because I was "harassing them" and that I needed to be "ten feet away from them"....I urged them to call, after all, it was a public sidewalk.  One petition signer actually stood outside of his truck in the lot watching me, as if for protection. Funny stuff readers.

Based on the response I received, and I hope this holds true should this recall effort move forward, there is a silent majority out there that are seeing the results of Gov. Walker's policies and fully support him.  There truly wasn't a steady stream of people pulling up to sign.  Many that supported me yesterday just simply smiled or waved and moved on, drawing no attention to themselves.  People are actually afraid to show or talk about support of Gov. Walker out of fear of retribution.  The hardcore supporters proudly beeped, waved and yelled.  Two motorist actually pulled around, parked their vehicles and shook my hand, thanking me for having "balls" and stated their position on the matters at hand.  One even drove over to the recall spot and shouted "stay out of my wallet!!!" 

Needless to say, it was one of the funnest hours of my life and based on the comments and feedback on Facebook, I have inspired others to do the same.

And that's how Bruce T stands up for Wisconsin Taxpayers!!!!!!

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