Friday, December 9, 2011

Nerd Alert: iOS 5. Untethered JB & Redsn0w Downgrade on the horizon!!!

Nerd Alert!!!

A Recent Tweet from Pod2g showing an iOS 5.0 untethered Jailbreak demo have arrived!!!

No release date, but it is finally getting close. Thanks to the devs who dedicate their time to this.

Also, Redsn0w will soon be releasing their latest version, rumored to have the ability to downgrade you from 5.0.1 back to 5.0!!!! I can't wait....the Sirin1ght port jacked my phone, had to do a screwed and stuck on 5.0.1!!!

Stay tuned, as always I'll keep you posted!!!

One last thing, A HUGE THANK YOU, this blog is approaching 8,000 hits, and now averaging 1,000 hits per month. That's awesome considering I just post when I feel like it.

I will be dedicating more time to the blog over the winter, also, keep your eyes out, I am considering a political blog in the near future!!!

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