Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enable Multitasking Gesutures on iPad 2

Update 1/14/2012, no longer needed if you are on iOS 5, Multitasking Gestures is enabled on stock firmware.

Now that we have Jailbroken our iPad 2's, time for tweaks!!!

The first tweak I want to show you is Multitasking Gestures.  This is cool.  You can use four fingers and swipe in an upward direction on your iPad screen and it opens the app switching pane, swipe down and close it.  Swipe left or right to switch between apps, pinch screen to close apps.  It's awesome.  This tweak should work on the original iPad and iPhone as well.

Here's a video demo of what you can do with this tweak, from Engadget:

You will need to have a Jailbroken iPad and the iFile app from Cydia.  You can also perform this tweak using  WinSCP.

1. Open iFile and navigate to Applications/
2. Tap on General.plist and select text viewer, the select edit.
3. You will find two locations were Multitasking is spelled incorrectly as "Mutltitasking".  Use the search function to find Mutlitasking.  Simply correct both misspelled words to Multitasking.
4. Save and reboot device.

You will now find the multitasking option in the native Settings app.

And that's how Bruce T does multitasking gestures.  Awesome.


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