Saturday, November 16, 2013

Still here, Geekin' out.

I'm still here readers, mostly just Tweeting and Re-Tweeting.....

So don't forget to follow @BruceTdoesIT on Twitter!!!

I just noticed I have not posted since's been that busy.

We had an amazing and action packed summer, the kids are growing up fast and I dedicate as much time as possible to them and their endeavors.

My regular job has had a good year and I've been working 50 hours a week.  That between parenting and attempting to enjoy a bit of this thing we call life has not left much time for much else...

Not only that, there hasn't been much excitement in the tech world other than the CryptoLocker virus.
That's boring stuff......

But have no fear, the Midwest winter is near and there will be plenty of cooped up days to blog..

As far as a tech update, I just scored a new iPad Air, 32GB LTE model...

Expect a review soon as I compare it to my iPad 2.

In the meantime, thanks for poking in from time to time, I'm still getting hits and emails about my posts, the most popular of which is our Xbox 360 RROD Fix  series.

In a nut shell, I have a white board of ideas of upcoming posts, so continue to stay tuned as Bruce T continues to do it!!!

.....updates will immediately follow the Wisconsin Deer Gun season...

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