Sunday, February 10, 2013

EZ4U2NV i5 , complete theme for iPhone 5

This is another awesome theme from @junesiphone.

One of the first and most complete themes to hit Cydia designed around the iPhone 5.

Here's a screen shot, followed by a quick tube.  Directions after the jump.


How to get EZ4U2NV i5. (ignore the animated weather iWidget, that's a future post)

You will need to download and install the following apps and tweaks from Cydia:

iFile, iBlank, Winterboard, & Locscreen Clock Hide.

Now purchase and download the theme, EZ4U2NV i5, don't be a cheapskate.

Until the Gridlock tweak is updated for 6.1, you will need to create 12 blank icons using iBlank, then respring.  The twelve blank icons will appear on your homescreen. You will need to move these to the first page of your home screen to duplicate my screen shot.  If you don't already have it, go to cydia and download the tweak MultiIcon Mover, this allows you to move several icons at once.  Just play with your icons until you have them how you want them for this theme.

Now open Winterboard and select the following, as show in the video:

 Instructions on how to configure the weather locations for the
lockscreen and springboard weather are located at:

/var/stash/Themes/EZ4U2NV i5 SB/Wallpaper.html
/var/stash/Themes/EZ4U2NV i5 LS/lockBackground.html

You will need to use iFile to edit your zip code.  This is shown in the video.

This theme is not that hard and I encourage you to try it, you will become addicted to using custom themes on your device and amazing those around you with the individuality of your iPhone.

And that's how Bruce T makes it EZ4U2NV my i5

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  1. that's a sick theme,.. but I've yet to see any iphone 5 themes as complete as Ambriel or 1NfraRed.

  2. And as luck would have it, I do have Ambriel and will showcase it in a future post.

    Thank you for the input.

  3. Can weather be edited for canada?