Friday, May 11, 2012

Wisconsin MSM: More News, Less Filler

Taking a break from Nerdom for a moment, putting on my political hat......because NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS for the left.....

I submitted this "Voice of the People" to my local paper, the Kenosha News.  Seems local media in the state of Wisconsin is hell bent on hiding facts and reporting on "NON STORIES" when it comes to the recall effort against Governor Walker and his administration's record of success.

Sadly, this same issue EXISTS all across the country.--and the MEDIA DENIES IT, instead saying that bacically any news outlet that reports anything positive on a the GOP, conservatives, the Tea Party is,of course, "BIASED"
More News, Less Filler

Kenosha News front page, May 11, 2012:

"Loomis Gets Somers Chairman seat" headline should have been swapped with the REAL NEWS HIDDEN on page A5's "Brief":

"Walker administration touts budget surplus". 

I feel that during this entire recall fiasco, the Kenosha News has done little to be objective and report REAL NEWS that voters should know, with an important recall election just a few weeks away. 

Based on the history of Wisconsin's past budgetary challenges during the previous administration, the crisis unfolding in Illinois as well as other states, a report showing a projected $154.5 million dollar surplus at the end of the 2011-2013 biennium would be BIG NEWS, and more than worthy of a front page slot. Even more importantly during this divisive recall effort.

The Kenosha News could do a better job educating the constituency of our city and it's subscribers to actually report on news as important as this, as all political parties in our state benefit from a balanced budget, lower taxes, and an improved business environment.
Here's more on the subject, and links to educate yourself.  I can't stress it enough, regardless of your political ideology, YOU NEED TO VERIFY AND RESEARCH the FACTS.


Gov. Walker's administration: New revenue projections show Wisconsin will have budget surplus

The MacIver Institute, the free market voice for Wisconsin.

Reforms and Results

Media Research Center

Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau

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I could provide and endless stream of links and documentation 


Education is POWER.....

That's how Bruce T Does It.

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