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Want AirPlay on your PC, Let's Do it

Update 11/16/2013

Want to AirPlay to your Apple TV from your PC or Mac?Then check out Air Parrot (for both PC & Mac), I'm currently testing it on my 2008 MacBook Pro on Mavericks; blog post to follow in the near future so stay tuned here and follow @brucetDoesIT on Twitter......


Click here to learn more about Air Parrot, PC/Mac Air Play

Finally, my blog dry spell has ended, thanks to Aerodrom.....

Yep, Aerodrom.....It's not a prescription, it's not an energy drink, it's not a terrestrial vacation getaway, it's not even the Croatian Rock band of the same name..... It's South Slavic for "Airport"....for us nerd's, it's AirPlay support for your PC that includes VIDEO PLAYBACK......Awesome....

Stock firmware users can enjoy it as well, no Jailbreak required.

Since the release of iOS 5,  the existing Airplay Plug in for Windows  Media Center has been unusable....This was one of my most popular blog posts.  The plugin is no longer supported and as of iOS5, it is dead...

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The developers at funky@factory have launched a viable solution named Aerodrom.  Oddly enough, the first version was released back in 2011, and I'm just hearing about it now, even after my massive search for a solution.

Here's the tube:

Here is the site and more info:  FunkyF@actory Development

So far, I'm rocking the demo version.  It was easy to configure, I just had to point the preferences to my wifi router and restart the application.  The full version of Aerodrom supports Windows Media Center. I will update this post once I launch the full version.

Price is €9.99 when converted against the weak American dollar, will cost you $13.07.  I will most likely take the plunge after I use the demo version some more... Definitely worthy of the dollars.

Here's what you need, direct from the developers page:

Aerodrom, current version.
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 10 or later
Bonjour for Windows must be installed and running
iTunes 10.2 or newer
VLC media player 2.x for advanced video playback (optional)

You are now ready to stream audio, video, photos, and select 3rd party apps.

Screen Shot from iPad2:

Aerodrom running on my PC:

So far, I like this program.  It's a big step from the Shairport4W application I blogged about back in January.  Also, to the best of my knowledge, is the first solution to work since the release of iOS 5 killed an earlier version of a Windows Media Center Airplay plugin.

And that's how Bruce T does it.

Stay tuned.....more to come......follow @BruceTdoesIT on Twitter for the latest and greatest in Nerdom.

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