Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's Jam some WordJelly--Free Siri Proxy Server.

Updated 2/24/2013

My iPhone 4 & iPad 2 are updated to iOS 6.1.2, Wordjelly still works using the Ac!d Siri port found in the repo:

Update 6/16/2012

Wordjelly just got easier. Add the rep: in Cydia and download the new WordJelly Control panel to setup WordJelly from the Settings app. Simple control panel and pretty self explanitory. Tap "Install Certificates", then "reset" when done.  You may have to reboot your device.

Original Post 5/6/12:

So, you didn't like my Siri proxy tutorial because it cost money???? Well, for my favorite price of FREE, here is a powerful and amazingly well done Siri Proxy Server: WordJelly

Let's Jam----cheesy pun intended.......Click here for a little Newcleus to set the mood.....

This one is super cool. Reads your Facebook and Twitter feeds along with a complete line of advanced and standard Siri features.

After connecting Siri, you launch Siri and say "personalize". Siri will now show you your WordJelly username and password. You will need this to setup twitter. Follow the directions, it's really simple.


"Facebook feed" gives you five updates....."Facebook feed, give me ten"...Siri will read back the last ten Facebook updates....

"Facebook Notifications", Siri will now say your Facebook notifications.

Twitter uses similar commands. This is a really great server and is compatible with other Siri plugins available in Cydia. And it's Bruce T's favorite price, FREE

Click here for a complete list of commands from WordJelly

Here's the Tube:

Click here for the rest of the details from WordJelly.

Are you convinced yet? OK then, keep reading, we are about to Jam some WordJelly.

Remember, Spire works on iPhone 4, 3GS, and iPod Touch.......

What you need:

Jailbroken iPhone 4, 3GS, or iPod Touch, Click here to get 'er done.

Install Spire from Cydia---this does take a while, so don't panic.
Launch Cydia, click refresh, and search for Spire.

Click Here For Bruce T's Spire installation instructions, ignore the proxy setup portion.

Here's someone's Tube, again, ignore the proxy setup portion:

Setup WordJelly Siri Proxy Server, click here....

Bruce T Tip: To install the server certificate, open the above link in Safari ON YOUR DEVICE, once you have navigated to

"settings---->Spire-----> and changed the Siri Proxy to

Reboot your device if Siri doesn't work after changing the proxy info in Spire.

And don't forget, to setup Twitter, activate Siri and say "peronsalize". Siri will now show you your WordJelly username and password. You will need this to setup twitter.

Done, enjoy...

And that's how Bruce T Jams WordJelly


  1. Something is blocking safari from installing the profile cert?
    I can install on my iPad but not on iPhone 4 on 5.0.1???

  2. Interesting. I have this installed on my iPhone 4 on 5.0.1, no issue....Perhaps you could contact the developer at or Tweet to @wordjelly for a solution. Maybe even try again later, as the server is surely being slammed with request as this server information spreads. I will search for a solution and post here if I find one. Thank you for reading.

  3. i am getting error on safari when i try to install wordjelly certificate it shows safari could not install this profile please help how to fix this any help would be highly appreciated

  4. Try going to settings....safari...clear cookies and data, or even try another browser like Opera Mini.

    this cert link is still working.

    Thank you for reading!!!

  5. i did follow all the steps but still siri says sorry cannot help you right now

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  7. cant find wordjelly repo!