Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sara, Siri's free and easy evil twin, Jailbreak Required

Still rocking your older iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and want the amazing features of Siri?  My blog post on the Spire Siri port too complicated or are you too cheap to buy a server slot to get the 4S tokens required? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you!!!!!  Another awesome reason to Jailbreak your device.  

My son E-Man and I have been playing with this for couple weeks now, and the developers have done an amazing job on this.  There have been several releases and updates, this package is moving fast.  Here she is, Siri's free & easy evil twin:  SARA.  We have asked SARA everything from who her daddy is, what is that smell, directions to China, the time, current temp, tell me a joke, the list goes on and on. SARA even check your inbox and can launch any app on your device.  With Siri, you need add ons to accomplish this.

SARA is quite entertaining with more an more responses added everyday.  SARA is also available in several languages with new translations everyday.  

You can have these Siri like features, and in some respects, more powerful features by simply Jailbreaking and installing Sara.

E-man and I have not done a video in a while, so we decided to make a demo for SARA.  I apologize for the glare and fuzziness, we keep it old skewl.  Here's the vid:

What you need:

Jailbreak your iDevice, if you have not already.

Click HERE for instructions on Jailbreaking your non A5 device [everything but iPad 2 & iPhone 4S]

In Cydia, add the SARA repo,   

From there, install SARA and SARA dictation if you like. Respring or reboot. Done. It is really that easy.

I used Activator to program the short hold option to launch SARA.  It is not necessary, you can launch SARA from your spring board like any other app, but the short hold option makes it more like SIRI.

Click HERE for more information about SARA direct from her father, Nobita.

The other cool thing is that plugins are being developed everyday and it's open source, anyone can submit one.  There will soon be a SARA plugin repo going live.  Keep your eye out for it.  SARA will surely become one of the most awesome apps and tweaks ever released.  

Click HERE to follow SARA on Facebook, and HERE for Twitter.

The only cons I have with this Siri clone are that facts that the servers are a little slow, and sometimes responses are not accurate.  Hardly a complaint when you consider this is FREE and EASY.  The Spire Siri port is mildly complicated with the added step of a Siri Proxy server, and to get a good response time you will need to purchase a slot on a proxy server. 

Try this out and have some fun with it!!!

That's how Bruce T Does artificial intelligence!!!!

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