Monday, August 8, 2011

AirPrint for Windows, no Jailbreak Req'd

Updated 2/6/2013

This method still works on home PC with Windows 8, all of my devices running iOS 6. I'm using the Guest Account option.

Also, still works on my corporate network using the Administrator password for  the PC the printer is connected to (not my network password).

Updated 10/15/2012

Working on iOS 6 using the steps below, on my all devices including  iPhone 5.

Also works on m corporate network using the "Administrator" logon and password for the workstation running the AirPrint Installer.  Again, WORKSTATION PASSWORD, not my network credentials.

Update 1/14/2012

Finally working on iOS 5!!!!  I'm searching for a better solution, but in the meantime, follow this workaround to get printing again on ANY printer connected to your PC.  I have not yet tried this on my corporate network.  This IS working on my home network.

I have tested on iOS 5.0.1, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th Gen, my PC is running Windows 7, 64Bit.

Here's what you need to do:


Once unzipped you will find three files:

 Two registry fixes for Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit.
and the AirPrint Service Installer


1. Run "AirPrint_Installer.exe" and then click on "Install AirPrint Service".

2. Run the "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 32Bit.reg" or  "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 64Bit.reg" to install the iOS 5 fix  (Choose the correct file for you operating system, 32 Bit or 64 Bit Windows). 

3. Go back to "AirPrint_Installer.exe", make sure "Service Startup" is set to "Auto" and click "Start".

4. Restart computer.

If there is a locked icon next to the printer on the iOS device enable the guest account in Windows. Click here to learn how to enable the "Guest" account in Windows 7.

In the "AirPrint_Installer.exe" choose to use Guest Account Auth and tick the "Enable Guest Account" box. Then click "Update". 

You will then need to restart. 

Credit to a post in the forum. Click HERE for the post.

I'm still playing with this, as I don't like the Guest account option.  Once I figure out a better solution, I will update as usual.

Update 11/5/2011

Support Ticket Response was: iOS 5 update for Print App was submitted to Apple, just awaiting approval.  Sit tight. Should be resolved in just a few days.  Way cool.

Update 11/4/2011 

***iOS5 has killed this app...hopefully the developer will update soon****  BUMMER.

I am waiting for a response from the developer and will let you know what I hear back.  

As promised, here is how to escape the chokehold Apple and HP has on printing from your iDevice.

Today I show you how to print to your existing printers from your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone over your wifi to the local printer on you desktop or laptop PC.  This app will let you print from email, Safari, etc...  It will also save you money on a printer upgrade..I'm using an ancient HP LaserJet 4 Plus for this tutorial.

What you need:

iOS 4.2 or newer installed on your iDevice.

A printer connected to a running desktop PC or Laptop.  Be sure to share your printers on the network. 

Ignore the bad reviews, it's the usual "don't know WTF i'm doing" so blame the app situation.

Remember, I don't get paid to endorse anything, I ACTUALLY USE THE APPS I recommend.

Run AirPrint installer and follow on screen instructions.

Now, here's why people keep giving the Print App a bad review, it is a lack of understanding....

The Print app WILL NOT work without the AirPrint installer and AirPrint service running on your PC.

You do not even have to launch the Print App.

When on your home network, connecting to printers, THEY HAVE TO BE SHARED ON YOUR NETWORK.

The first time you select your printer, it will ask you for a user name and a password.  This would be the SAME USER NAME AND PASSWORD YOU USE TO LOG ON TO YOUR PC.

In a corporate, server based network, you have to use Administrator and the administrator password for the WORKSTATION, not the network admin credentials and not your network credentials.

Here are a few screen shots of this working on my iPad.

And that's how Bruce T prints to any printer from iDevices.

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Happy Printing!!!


  1. Do you have to have your computer turned on while printing from an iPad, even if it is a wireless printer?

    1. Hello Matt. If you are using your PC to run the AirPrint service, yes, you will need to leave your PC on. Thank you for reading.

  2. Good one Bruce.Spent hours trawling the net for something that works and I found the answer hear had the airprint working in 10 mins.

    1. I'm glad I could help. Thank you for reading.