Saturday, August 20, 2011

AirPlay for Windows Media Center

Updated 5/5/2012:

I finally found an AirPlay for PC solution.  

Click here to see my post on Aerodrom, the AirPlay solution for your PC and Windows Media Center.

Updated 2/12/2012.

I still have not found a solution that works with iO 5 and Windows Media.  I have however, found a solution that will stream audio to your PC from your device.


Updated 1/14/2012, dead links fixed, tweak may be dead.

***To the best of my knowledge, iOS 5 has possibly killed this, I can't get my devices to see the Windows Media PC.  If you get it working, send me a note!!!! In the meantime, I fixed the dead link to the WMC client.***

It's been a few weeks since my last post....summer has been good to us.  Not to mention, there really hasn't been much going on in avoid being redundant....I'd rather not just duplicate everyone else....On to the today's post....

Fan of "Airplay" on your iDevice? Me too.  Love my apple TV....but now Airplay isn't just for Apple TV, I'm about to show you how to enable Airplay on your PC via Windows Media Center.

I know what you are thinking..."You still use Windows Media Center??"  Yes, I do.  And this tweak is another reason to use it...This tweak will enable Airplay on your PC in Windows Media Center.  

When my Apple TV is occupied on another TV in the house, I simply pop an HDMI cable in the side of my laptop, and whalla, streaming from my iDevices right to my TV. This tweak also works on XBOX Media Center as well. NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED.

Here's what you need:

.Net Framework.  This is usually already installed on your Windows PC. If not, click here to get the latest version of .NET from Microsoft. 

Bonjour Service installed, this typically happens when you install Safari or iTunes.

Click HERE to download the WMC Airplay Client

This is a simple install, once complete, you will be ready to go.  Works perfectly!!!  

Here's quick demo video found on YouTube

Now you can stream Video and Audio from your iDevice to your PC, and/or to XBox right to your home entertainment system.

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Stay tuned, in my next post, I show you how to enable AirPrint on your Windows PC without using your existing printer... No need to waste hundreds of $$ on an AirPrint enabled printer!!!

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