Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nerd Worthy Filler

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There hasn't been many nerd worthy things for me to blog about lately. So this week, at risk of being cliche and redundant, I bring you Nerd Worthy Filler.....

Not so nerd worthy but definitely news worthy if you live here in Wisconsin. We will soon be the 49th State to have constitutional conceal and carry gun laws on the books. Basically our state government is giving us back the freedoms we already have based on the 2nd amendment. I fully support the bill and have read it in it's entirety.

Here is a link to a good piece on the issue....Illinois will now stand alone as the only state that doesn't allow CCW. Strange when you consider the high rate of crime in that state.

Conceal Carry Bill Passes Wisconsin Senate...What about Illinois?

Now onto Nerd Worthy News:

IOS 5, nothing more for me to say other than follow this link:

Apple's iOS 5: all the details

New version of iTunes, 10.3, uses the cloud--sort of, almost virtual wireless syncing as far as apps and music are concerned. Tried it and loved it!!!! Finally got an estimate on how many songs I have actually downloaded via iTunes....849. Just click on purchased in iTunes app on your device.

Apple Releases iTunes 10.3: Auto Downloads, Books, Previous Purchases

iPhone 5, when????? Tired of waiting and tempted by Droids everywhere. My 3GS is tiring and I'm not getting a 4 only to be obsoleted by the 5...but what if the 5 doesn't even support LTE/4G????? Then what?

Apple iPhone 5 Challenged by Android OS-based Smartphones

The Lack of LTE in the iPhone 5 Just Won’t Matter

Will you buy an iPhone 5 without 4G (poll)?

My favorite musician/song writer, Aaron Lewis announces dates and lineup for his second annual "It Takes a Community 
Foundation" benefit.

And Staind's new album set to release this fall.

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And that's how Bruce T does blog filler.....

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