Saturday, May 21, 2011

Always wear protection on your.... iDevice

Otterbox started shipping iPad 2 Defender Series cases this week.  I received mine on Wednesday, and as always, love the Otterbox products.

Price is a little spendy, but so was my iPad 2.  $90 is a small price to pay to protect my investment; especially since my kids dropped it once already--unprotected.

I quickly opened the package and installed the Defender on my iPad.  To the amazement of my coworkers, at break time, I tossed the iPad onto the break room floor.  Then I picked it up and slammed it against the table a few times. For laughs, I tossed my 3GS clear across the room in it's Otterbox Defender. You should have seen the faces of the guys as the iPad and iPhone hit the concrete floor. Hahahaha.  Yes, I have that much confidence in the Otterbox Defender Series.

In a way, it was sort of liberating throwing around over a thousand dollars worth of iDevices. The reaction of my coworkers was priceless.

The Defender screen cover doubles as a base for your iPad giving you two holding angles.  One perfect for video viewing, the other perfect for typing.

I also like he fact that the Otterbox Defender gives the iPad some weight and something to hold onto.

The only con I have with the iPad 2 Defender is that it doesn't have a built in screen protector like iPhone or iPod versions.  They do ship a clear protector sheet for you to install, however.

The Otterbox Defender Series iDevice cases are heavy duty.  My 3GS is still factory new in the case.  The case itself is basically hacked, tore, and scratched.  Money well spent.

Watch this video of an iPhone 4 dropped from the 23rd floor of a building, while recording....Awesome

Perhaps the Otterbox Defender will withstand today's pending Rapture, and the five months of doom those of use who are not saved will suffer........Only time will tell.

Get your Otterbox Defender Series case for you iDevice here.

Be sure to check out the Otterbox Latch while you are at the site as well, cool concept.

Here is ZDNET's Jason Perlow's video review of the iPad 2 Otterbox Defender

Here are some other  iDevice cases.

Not so tough: G Form Extreme Sleeve..."soft and floppy".  This video shows an iPad dropped from a plane.....

But......Jason Perlow's ZDNET review debunks.....a small toss and iPad is basically destroyed.   Your iPad better drop flat on either side to survive a drop in a G Form Extreme Sleeve...FAIL.  Save your $70.00. I won't even post a link to G Form to waste your time.

G Form Extreme Sleeve FAIL:

Ooops, looks like G Form will be buying Jason a new iPad......

And for iPhone & iPod, Check out the Griffin Survivor Military Spec'd case. Looks like this case will give the Otterbox Defender Series a run for it's money.

Three story drop into a vat of maple syrup.



My favorite video...high speed window toss and trip to the car wash.

No, I do not get paid for these endorsements, BTW.

Hopefully this weeks blog has given you some food for thought on how to protect your iDevice from extreme drops, falls, maple syrup, the car wash, and the pending Rapture.  

Stay tuned next week, God willing...LOL....Rapture my A$$, iPhone 5 hasn't even come out yet.

That's how Bruce T protects his iDevices.

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